Hi, I'm Jess! 

I want to take pictures of you.

I want to be there with you to capture the beauty of wherever life has you right now. I want us to slow down and savor the moment together. I want to freeze your child’s chubby cheeks and giggles before they get one minute older. I want to give you a headshot that brings you confidence and boldness in the workplace.

Images have the power to speak to us on a deep level. My work is all about the real details of real life. I aim for genuine expression and true connection.

Plus we’ll have a ton of fun along the way!



Why do you need to hire me? 

I have a unique eye for details. What this means for you is that a shoot with me will teach you something. I’m all about teaching people what it looks like to show the world the real YOU. It’s not just about getting a good photo. It’s about working together and channeling my enthusiasm for authenticity that gets consistent results no matter the challenges of the assignment. And that’s not the only reason you need to work with me…



I love to argue with my clients. 

There's nothing I love to hear more than 'I'm not photogenic' or 'I've never had a photo of myself that I really liked.' Oh oh oh I am all over that type of attitude and I am so ready to a) wow you with my mad skills and b) teach you how to 'pose' all by your bad self so that you don't even really need me later. Just kidding, you should come back for more pictures. But still. I love to get in people's faces (with my camera, of course) and show them images later that make them say 'Wow! You were right! I AM amazing!'



I'm an ever-loving blast.

I love a challenge. And I love people. And sometimes people trying to be cool for a photo shoot turns into a challenge. Like when there's a toddler involved who's overdue for a nap. Or a Dad who's attitude is more like a cranky 15-year-old. Or when someone just really doesn't feel comfortable in their skin but their boss is making them take headshots. Don't take my word for it, I've had clients literally thank me for making what they anticipated being a terrible experience actually turn into a really fun time. People forget they're being tortured by my camera in their face because they're having too much fun. You're welcome.


I tell beautiful stories. 

It's my thing. I create stunning meaningful images of the split seconds that you will want to look back on and cherish forever. I see a story in every photoshoot. I love them all and I want to capture the essence of what I'm looking at. Human faces fascinate me. The details of hands and body language and the sparkle in someone's eyes are just amazing. Events are always a blast. A session with me is more than just a mug shot or a Christmas card photo.

Let me tell your story.